The Fetishist

Nathan Holgado, admin assistant at Fernandez Funeral Services, loves all things British and military related. He is also obsessed with his Victorian English ancestor, his great-great-great-grandfather Private Edwin Baxter of the 15th Regiment of Foot. Looking at Google Street View one afternoon, Holgado discovers that the house in Yorkshire where Edwin was born is still standing. Filled with patriotic pride, he decides to fly to the UK and visit Baxter’s birthplace….

"Today Mark Sanchez is one of the most underrated novelists writing in English (and variants thereof). He shows us that a micro-territory such as Gibraltar can produce a writer with as much to say about colonial history, mental health issues and the often destructive nature of social convention as any of his peers in larger spaces. A superb and diverse author, whose next work will almost certainly be very different from his last." -- Alastair Niven, Former President, English PEN; Booker Prize judge, 1994 and 2014.

"Sanchez's work consistently achieves that often elusive aim of combining historical and political astuteness with immense readability. His recent novel GOOSEMAN ought to become set reading in the new sub-genre of BrexLit as it presents the - often painful - narrative of a Gibraltarian in the UK who is, despite being a British passport holder, repeatedly 'othered' and marginalised by a British society increasingly hostile towards those who look or sound different. A must read for anyone who wants to find out what life is like for minorities living in Britain." -- Christine Berberich, Senior Lecturer in Twentieth-Century English Literature, Portsmouth University.

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