The Escape Artist

"So this, more or less, was how things stood for me at the end of 1981. I was twenty-nine years old and I was still on the lowest rung of the civil service pay scale and I lived alone in a three-bedroom government flat with twenty-four different sized statues of the Sacred Heart of Jesus...."

Spanning over ten years and moving between locations as different as Cambridge, Venice and Gibraltar, The Escape Artist is a novel about loneliness and broken friendship and what it means to be Gibraltarian in a rapidly changing world...

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"Well worth reading, because no-one else is writing like this about modern Gibraltar. M.G Sanchez is the real McCoy." Nicholas Rankin, Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature.

"[A] subtle exploration of space and identity. " Professor Ina Habermann, Department of English, University of Basel.

"With THE ESCAPE ARTIST Mark Sanchez contributes to the field of English language world literatures through a style that is intriguing and innovative." Dr Esterino Adami, Department of Humanities, University of Turin.