'Gibraltarian Author to Feature in Italian Book', Gibraltar Chronicle, 26 March, 2013

Dr Esterino Adami

Dr Esterino Adami, an Italian academic of the Department of Humanities, from the University of Turin, is publishing a book, in Italian, containing a full-length essay about Gibraltarian author M. G. Sanchez.

Entitled Ritorno a Babele: prove di globalizzazione (Return to Babel: rehearsing Globalisation), the book is due to be published later this year by the Italian publishing house Neos/ Terrenia. It will be edited by Italian academic Dr Cristina Trinchero.

Dr Adami’s essay on Mr Sanchez will be entitled "La Rocca di Babele: narrazioni e trasformazioni linguistiche in M. G. Sanchez" (The Rock of Babel: narratives and linguistic transformations in M. G. Sanchez) and will explore how the linguistic and stylistic transformations that characterise Sanchez’s work mirror the cultural complexities of Gibraltar against the background of globalisation and postmodernity.

Dr. Adami is an expert on postcolonial and diasporic literatures and cultures, and has published extensively on Indian, Pakistani, African, Maltese and Cypriot authors.

Early in January this year, British academic Professor John Stotesbury presented at a conference in Rome, where he discussed M.G. Sanchez’s work in a paper called ‘Locating a Post-Saidean Literary Identity through Contemporary Gibraltarian Anglophone Literary Discourse.’

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