'International Academic Interest in Gibraltarian Author', Your Gibraltar TV, 2 May, 2013

Professor John Stotesbury of the University of Eastern Finland recently presented a paper on Gibraltarian author’s M. G. Sanchez’s work at the University of Zaragoza’s “Acts of Remembrance Conference”. His presentation was held on April 25 at the University's Instituto de Ciencias de la Educación. In his talk Professor Stotesbury focused on M. G. Sanchez’s novella Diary of a Victorian Colonial, demonstrating how it uses the narrative form of a dying man's diary not only to recreate the character's immediate past but also to "remind" modern readers of Gibraltar's colonial history. The event was well attended, with several of the attendees later quizzed Professor Stotesbury about Sanchez’s books. This is the first time that a Gibraltarian author has been the subject of a scholarly talk at a Spanish university.

In a separate development, M. G. Sanchez was recently invited to take part in the prestigious Catalonian radio show “Lletres Ebrenques”, a weekly arts programme produced by the radio station Antenacaro. “LLetres Ebrenques” is hosted by the renowned Catalonian man-of-letters Emigdi Subirats and is well known among the arts community in Catalonia. During the course of a thirty minute interview, Mr Sanchez was asked about his books and a variety of other subjects.