Diary of a Victorian Colonial and other Tales

Diary of a Victorian Colonial and other Tales (2008), M. G. Sanchez's second book of fiction, consists of three pieces centred on the themes of emotional and geographical displacement. The first and longest of these is set in late nineteenth-century Gibraltar, a British outpost known throughout Christendom for the intemperance of its military men and the contrabanding conducted by its civilian classes. Into this fin-de-siècle world enters Charles Bestman, an Anglo-Gibraltarian returning home after twenty-five years of exile in mainland Britain. What is the infamous criminal stain that follows Bestman's name and why is he so reluctant to let anyone know about his past? The exilic connection continues in 'Intermission' and 'Roman Ruins', two modern-day tales which explore the problems faced by individuals when trying to recreate themselves outside their home environment.

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[R]elentlessly brutal, and utterly credible." Professor John A. Stotesbury, Department of English, University of Eastern Finland.