Crossed LINES

Crossed Lines, M. G. Sanchez's new collection of stories, tells the story of three different but equally troubled male characters. Jake Wallburger, stuck in a dead-end job delivering frozen fish to shops and supermarkets along the North Norfolk coastline. Graeme Kirkbride, holed up in a bedsit in the outskirts of Tokyo trying to forget about his former life. And, finally, Paco Colomán Trujillo, a Spanish crossfrontier worker who pretends to love Gibraltar and its people, but secretly hankers for the day when the Spanish flag will fly from the top of the Rock.

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'Crossed Lines documents the movement of Gibraltarians and Spaniards as they commute to work across the border on a daily basis.... In drawing attention to the continued relevance of borders and bordering processes to Gibraltarian identities, Sanchez's fiction thus delivers an urgent reminder of the ties that bind.'

Kristian Shaw, author of Brexlit: British Literature and the European Project (2021).

‘Future literary historians will see even more clearly than today’s scholars can that the large and wide-ranging body of prose fiction and non-fiction produced by novelist, essayist, and anthologist M. G. Sanchez marks a crucial turning-point in the evolution of Gibraltar’s post-colonial literary culture, as the growing attention being paid to his work by scholars in Europe and beyond already attests.’

David Alvarez, Professor of English, Grand Valley State University, Michigan, USA.