Imagine that you come from one of the world’s smallest micro-territories. And that you have a lifelong dislike of crowds.

Now imagine that you wake up one day and find yourself in a mega-city with eighteen million residents and a population density thirty-three times higher than central London.

Imagine the crowds, the sounds, the smells, the endless traffic, the mixture of exhilaration and panic coursing through your veins….

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“M. G. Sanchez chronicles the highs and lows of his three-year residency in India with unflinching honesty, opening a novelistic window on India’s ‘maximum city.’ ” Dr Esterino Adami, Department of Oriental Studies, University of Turin."

"M. G. Sanchez’s Bombay Journal provides a fascinating and highly readable account of his experience of three years spent living in the city of Mumbai. This is a remarkable travel narrative in particular because it is told from the perspective of a Gibraltarian writer who is alert to the sights, sounds, odours, flavours, and above all to the people whose lives are defined by the unpredictable complexity of their constantly evolving city." Dr John Stotesbury, Department of English, University of Eastern Finland.

Extracts from Bombay Journal

  1. M. G. Sanchez vs. the Bombay Mafia

  2. Tú eres de Gibraltar, ¿no?

  3. Some say it's in our blood - never being able to settle anywhere