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'The Line and the Limit of Britishness: The Construction of Gibraltarian Identity in M. G. Sanchez’s Writing' - an article in the journal ES Review by Ana Maria Manzanas Calvo (19 December, 2017)

'Representing Gibraltarianness', Gibraltar Chronicle (15 December, 2017)

'Representing Gibraltarianness' at the Gibraltar Literary Festival (26 September, 2017)

'Exploding Coffins and the Womanless Fortress' - M. G. Sanchez reviews Nicholas Rankin's Defending the Rock

'Telling the true Gibraltarian Story: an interview with Gibraltarian writer M.G. Sanchez', Dr Elena Seoane, Alicante Journal of English Studies (12 July, 2017)

'Closed Borders and their Consequences' - a presentation delivered at the University of Portsmouth (26 June, 2017) 

'The Border Within - A Seminar on Gibraltarian Literature at the University of Salamanca with M. G. Sanchez and Professor Ana Manzanas' (19 May, 2017)

Write-up on the University of Vigo's ViEW webpage about the 'Language and Identity in Gibraltar' symposium held in Mallorca (4 May, 2017)

'The Border and its Impact on the Gibraltarian Mind' -  a presentation delivered at the University of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca (30 April, 2017)

'Problems at the border' - a recording for the BBC World Service programme 'The Cultural Frontline' (22 April, 2017)

'Clause 22' - a piece written for the news site Your Gibraltar TV (19 April, 2017)

Walking tour around Gibraltar's 'Uppertown' district with academics and postgraduates from the University of Bern (4 April, 2017)

'Language and Identity in Gibraltar' symposium at the University of the Balearic Islands in Mallorca (22 February, 2017)

Jonathan Gallardo reviewed in the journal of postcolonial studies Il Tolomeo (20 December, 2016)

'Gibraltarian Identity. An evolving discourse' - a seminar presentation at the University of Turin (9 December, 2016)

Photos from my visit to the University of Lisbon (30 November, 2016) 

Professor Ina Habermann  on The Escape Artist (an excerpt from her keynote lecture for the annual CLIC symposium at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (16 November, 2016)

Professor Ina Habermann to talk about M. G. Sanchez's  novel The Escape Artist at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (8 November, 2016)

'Fifty years of 'Unbelonging' - a piece specially written for the 'In and Out of Europe' conference held at the University of Basel (15-17 September, 2016)

'Gibraltarian Author M. G. Sanchez Invited To Speak At The University Of Basel,' Your Gibraltar TV (7 September, 2016)

'Mediterranean Gothic: M. G. Sanchez's Gibraltar Fiction in its Contexts' - an article in the journal British and American Studies by John A. Stotesbury (31 May, 2016)

Sometimes You Just Don't Want To Know, the latest book of short stories by cult American author Mark SaFranko, with an introduction by M. G. Sanchez (29 April, 2016)

'A conversation with writer Mark Sanchez' - an event held at the University of Salamanca (6 May, 2016)

My novel Solitude House reviewed in the Italian University journal Il Tolomeo (6 April, 2016)

'Gibraltarian writer M. G. Sanchez recognised by the University of Salamanca,' Your Gibraltar TV (29 Februry, 2016)

'A Passage to Gibraltar: Alterity and Representation in M. G. Sanchez's non-fiction' - a lecture delivered by Dr Esterino Adami at the University of Bologna (15 January, 2016)

Pictures from my recent visit to the University of Turin (16 April, 2015)

My interview on Australia's ABC Radio National's 'Late Night Live' show with veteran broadcaster Phillip Adams (5 March, 2015)

'If you don't write your stories, others will - the Gibraltarian novelist M. G. Sanchez explains in the New Statesman  why he wants to give the people of the territory their voice back' (17 January, 2015)

Interview with M. G. Sanchez published in the University of Turin's 'aperto unito' website (1 December, 2014)

Gibraltarians writers featured in an article in the European English Messenger journal (30 November, 2014)

'Configuring Identity through Memory of Siege: the Rock and the Barbary Macacque in 21st Century Gibraltarian Fiction in English' - a paper delivered by Professor John Stotesbury at the University of Kosice (9 September, 2014)

Seven-page feature on my work in Il Tolomeo, a journal of postcolonial studies published by the Ca' Foscari University of Venice (31, Dec, 2013)

Nicholas Rankin, British writer and Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature on The Escape Artist: 'Well worth reading, because no-one else is writing like this about modern Gibraltar. M.G Sanchez is the real McCoy.' (1 December, 2013)

'The Escape Artist Book Signing,' GBC TV news (6 November, 2013)

'International Academic Interest in Gibraltarian Author,' Your Gibraltar TV (2 May, 2013)

‘The Reconstruction of a Gibraltarian Past in the Short Fiction of M. G. Sanchez’ - a talk delivered by Professor John Stotesbury at the University of Zaragoza (April 25, 2013)

25 minute Interview with Emigdi Subirats (in Spanish) on Catalan Radio Station Antenacaro's 'Lletres Ebrenques' programme (26 April, 2013)

'La Rocca di Babele: narrazioni e trasformazioni linguistiche in M. G. Sanchez,' an essay (in Italian) by Esterino Adami - from the book Ritorno a Babele: prove di globalizzazione (Neos/ Terrenia, 2013)

'Gibraltarian Author to Feature in Italian Book,' Gibraltar Chronicle (26 March, 2013)

'Gibraltarian Writers Discussed at Major Conference in Italy,' Gibraltar Magazine (31 January, 2013)

'Finnish University Hosts Seminar on Gibraltarian Author,' Your Gibraltar TV (19 October, 2012)

'Norway lecture on Gibraltar author,' Gibraltar Chronicle (8 August, 2012)