'Finnish University Hosts Seminar on Gibraltarian Author,' Your Gibraltar TV, 19 October, 2012

The University of Eastern Finland is currently hosting a conference on ‘Writing in the East’, which includes works by Gibraltarian author M.G. Sanchez, being discussed. The University of Bergen previously held a seminar that also included a lecture on Mr. Sanchez’s work.

The Conference will feature academics from over 30 Universities, including lecturers from UK Universities including Cambridge, Nottingham and Leeds, as well as a Dr. Stotesbury of the University of Eastern Finland, who will deliver a seminar on ‘The Construction of a Gibraltarian Past in the Short Fiction of M.G. Sanchez’.

The conference is exploring the implications of Sanchez’s reconstruction of a Gibraltarian past in his novella, ‘Diary of a Victorian Colonial’ as well as the book’s relationship to his historical studies.


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